blog post 15 final

So here I am. There is a lot of writing in here, and even though writing isn’t necessarily the most fun thing to do, I think the constant act of writing is the best tool to improve one’s writing ability, and I do think my writing has improved. I have never deeply thought about the self when writing. I knew about voice and trying to figure my writing voice, but self is something different. One way in which I learned about my self is through some of the exercises we did as a class, such as the immersion and the narrative. Instead of focusing on the story I learned that I was the primary focus of my writing. One thing that I would have like to do was after we learned about the self was to create another self, whether that be someone we know, a fictional character, or even an alternate version of our self. I especially enjoyed writing the narrative and the immersion. I also enjoyed doing the interview project, but I had trouble incorporating myself into that writing because the goal was to keep the reader focused on the person I was interviewing. One thing I wish I would have written more of is poetry because I think that is an interesting war to express self.

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