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Image manipulation has become a much debuted topic in recent years. Many magazines use photoshop to manipulate the image of a model in order to make her appear more beautiful, often times unrealistically beautiful because she almost seems too perfect. And these women are already beautiful, they don’t even need to be digitally altered. They may make the model more tan, skinnier, make her have more of a symmetric face, remove any blemishes, and make her skin look smoother. These are just some of the things that the photo editors do. There are times when the photo of the model looks nothing like how the model really looks. I think some editing on a photo is acceptable. If there is one element that is very distracting than I think it’s ok to edit that part. That is why a lot of lighting is used when taking photos and I think that is acceptable. But there is definitely a line where it can be too much editing. I think we have definitely crossed that line. The problem is that where that line is is subjective. Some people think that no photo should be edited, while others think that it is perfectly fine to edit a photo as much as possible. Unfortunately many of these people are the ones who work at the magazine and are the ones to decide whether to manipulate a photo and how much. There are some cases that are both scary and funny at the same time when there are major and obvious alterations. Some of these include making a woman extremely skinny. There have also been times when a person’s arm was completely removed or switched with someone else’s. This kind of manipulation mostly happens for women and not so much for men. But many of these manipulations occur on magazines that are meant for women and many women buy them. Some of these magazines are People, OK!, and Glamour. If women are really against this kind of manipulation than they should have their voice heard either by speaking up or a more effective method would be to stop buying the magazine. Although there definitely are some photoshops that are done with men in mind as the reader. I think most men don’t think that much about the photo manipulation and that is a big problem in itself. Men should find this degrading also. They should support realistic images of women. Either way this photo manipulation needs to change because it is morally wrong.

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