Exit Through the Gift Shop Final

The film Exit Through the Gift Shop is a very good movie about expressing oneself. The film centers around the person only known as “Banksy.” He keeps his identity secret but is still one of the most popular artists working today. Paintings are often seen as a high art. People pay a lot of money to go see a piece of work in a museum sitting pretty in a frame on a blank wall. But Banksy goes around and paints using graffiti on public walls so that everyone can see and enjoy them. Although the film does not just center around Banksy, it focuses on many different graffiti artists and pretty much the whole culture of public art graffiti and how it has become so popular. At the beginning of this movement many people questioned whether these people were artists. Many thought they were just hoodlums who were trying to ruin public property. People questioned whether this was really art. It struck me that this probably occurs with all new forms of art that people aren’t used to seeing. When movies were first invented there were many people who didn’t consider them to be art. Even some famous artists such as Andy Warhol weren’t always regarded as artists. They would ask if a can of soup really should be considered art. Now an often discussed topic is whether video games should be looked as art. Although art is subjective. Not everything should be considered art, it is up to the individual to decide. Although if the creator of the work calls his piece art, than that is ok because he or she has every right to call themselves an artist. I truly believe these graffiti artists are great artists, and perhaps just because it is a new form of art is the reason why many people are skeptical about calling art. These people just may be used to seeing what they believe to be art in a museum or being sold for a lot of money. But creating something new and unique for the whole world to enjoy is a great way of expressing one’s self. People have the choice for how they want to express themselves. They can do this through publicity and getting their face and name out to the public. Or they could just let their work speak for themselves. Their is no right way. Because for many it is the work that defines them. This is the way Banksy expresses himself. He doesn’t want people to see his face because he doesn’t want to be defined by it. Anybody can be an artist as long as they believe in their work. And art should be shared with the world because it betters society. If people weren’t as worried about the fame and fortune than perhaps the world would be a better place and a more beautiful place. This is what Banksy is trying to teach.

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