blog post 6 final

I have repeatedly thought to myself that I was born in the wrong generation. According to the Pew test, they to think I belong in a different generation since I scored a 65.

There are many things about me that make me seem like I belong in a different generation. One is social media. I do not utilize social media as much as other millennials. In fact I probably use social media a lot less. The only kind of social media I use is Facebook. And even that took me a while to adopt to my life. I was the last of my friends to open up an account. And I wasn’t even the one set up my account. My sister did not understand why I didn’t have a Facebook so she is the one who set up my account. And even though I do still use Facebook occasionally, I do not constantly check it. I rarely post anything of comment on my friends’ statuses. I mainly use it for communication. But that is about all the social media for me. I don’t use twitter, instigram, vine or any of that other type of stuff. I do text on my phone if that counts. I probably wouldn’t even have a blog if it wasn’t required for this class.

I do read and gather a lot of information off the internet. But that doesn’t stop me from reading the newspaper. I usually read the newspaper a few times each week. I don’t know many other people who read the newspaper.

Another major aspect that my friends make fun of me for is the types of movies I watch and the music I listen to. I do watch and listen to modern movies and music, but most of the time I prefer movies and music from previous generations. All of my favorite bands are from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Most of the time I listen to music from those periods of time. I don’t even like most of the popular bands or artists today. I think a lot of them sound awful. I have arguments with my friends all the time about how this generation’s music sucks, at least the popular bands that everybody knows. It is similar with movies. I love watching movies but I don’t go to the movie theaters very often because a lot of the movies that come out don’t appeal to me very much I’d rather just rent an older movie and watch that instead.

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