post 3 final

I enjoyed both of these essays. I was engaged by both and they kept me interested throughout.

I enjoyed “Genetic Tribe of One” because I was really able to see just how lonely the author was, or whoever the main character was. I was pulled in from the very beginning. Teachers aren’t usually the ones you think of as being lonely all day because they are surrounded by people all the time. But when you think about it an elementary school teacher could be a pretty lonely place to be. You are surrounded by people, but those people are anywhere from 5-10 usually. Yes those children depend on you, but you cannot develop and real compelling relationships with those kids because they are still very immature. It is difficult to have thought provoking conversations or hang out outside of school with somebody who is learning how to read and write. And it is the same procedure every year. New kids come in and you teach them the same things. It is very cyclical and can be very redundant.

She has gotten so used to being alone that she is now possibly too comfortable being alone, just going around singing random songs and not presenting herself in the best fashion. She now thinks that everything about her is destined to make her lonely, even her blood. She considers herself to be a part of a group that is less than .01 percent of the population. That’s a pretty small group. I like one of the last lines, where she claims she is “the onliest.” Not only is she lonely, because there are millions of people who consider themselves lonely, but she is the only of her kind, which shows just how isolated she is. I felt bad for but she seems to have grown comfortable with it, which makes me not as worried for her.

The second essay was interesting but not as much as the first one. I felt that it dragged a bit. It started out with an interesting idea where someone analyzes what the pain scale means and what each number represents to the author. Although after a while reading it did become a bit tedious and I just wanted it to end. The story might have been more engaging if it were shorter. Still, it was an interesting idea to base a whole essay just on one small thing like a pain scale. It did progress nicely throughout as we built towards the most extreme pain imaginable. Although a lot of her examples seemed specific to her and not really what I would consider to be not very painful or very painful.

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