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Here’s some photos that tell a truth about a person like me. Bet you’d never imagined that I am a pretty good athlete. Now I’m not saying that I have the ability to become a professional athlete, which I don’t, but I could hold my own when playing sports. I am not that tall and I am pretty skinny, so people don’t expect me to be a good athlete, which is why I always surprise them. When I used to play basketball I would play both the point guard position and the center position. I am a pretty good ball handler and good passer which is why I played the point. But I was also a really good defender and can play bigger than my actual size. I am also a good blocker and I would always lead the league in blocked shots. And I still have yet to reach 6 feet. I was also a sneaky good baseball player. I was very good defensively when I played second base and I always made contact at the plate. I remember that last year I played organized baseball I only struck out twice all season long. I also play a lot of tennis and played on my high school team. As only a sophomore I played on the varsity squad. I only played a little football as a kid but I know and follow the game. Most sports I could play pretty well because I like to stay in good shape and surprise people. Now Im just not here writing how great of an athlete I am. Like I said I’m not even close to becoming a professional athlete. What I really like to do is surprise people and exceed their expectations. I have that same mindset when it comes to writing. I know I’m not going to become a professional writer but many people don’t even know that I can write at all, so when they do read something that I wrote they are a little taken back that I could have written that. This is what I strive for when I do anything.

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