I’ve made a million wishes
That one day, I’d find true love
And now that you’re here
It all still seems a little surreal

I love that each day
I wake up to a world that has you in it
And that I’ve been blessed
With a life that took a path
That lead me straight to you

I wish so much that I could hold you.
A simple desire, yet so hard to do.
This is a love so hopeless, but yet,
As hard as I try, I can not forget.

Your golden eyes used to leave me breathless
The intensity of your stare mesmerized,
But lately the spark that once existed, has faded
And the butterflies no longer arrive

You’re so fake.

I’m done with you,

your cheating games,

your lying too,

black heart remains.
I hope you know,

just what you’ve done,

you need to go,

but you haven’t won.

I used to love you, but I had to kill you
I had to put you, six feet under,
and I can still hear you complain

“Grateful” by James Paul
“At Last” by Adam Johnson
“My Eternity” by Gabriel Lombard
“Eternal Love” by Tracy Renee
“Feelings” by Julie Turner
“Lonely Heart” by Wade H.
“The Impossible Dream” by Jeff S.
“Falling Out of Love” by Sammi Morris
“Falling From Love” by TJ Hatton
“Out of Love” by Giovanni Lea
“Falling Out of Love With You” by Tania Cruz
“Are We Falling Out of Love?” by Glen Lutjens
“What Was Achieved?” by Chic George
“Hating You” by Hyde
“Used to Love Her” by Axl Rose

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