Some Tips From a Very Wise Man

Dear me,
Writing poetry can be a challenging thing. There are many different ways to write poetry and different techniques that work for different people. There are some techniques that may work better for your style. First when you have an idea for a poem just keep writing as much as possible until you are done. This way you will have plenty of lines to work from. Next comes the editing. Decide what you are really trying to say through your poem and then cut out the lines that don’t fit in. If you come up with any additional lines that will work in the poem feel free to add them. Next focus on the turn. Try to come up with something that may throw the reader off but is still consistent with the rest of the poem. Try a few different ideas and see which one works the best. Finally go back and make sure the poem is tight and reads well, and also make sure there are some good uses of concrete images and if not feel free to add them. Editing can be a difficult process but it is very important and only makes the poem better. Some poems that you can look at as examples are poems by Robert Frost and Edgar Allan Poe.


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