Some Food For Thought

Dear student writer, writing short stories can be a very fun experience but it is also challenging. There is no one way to write a short story. The only guideline is that it should be somewhere between 100-2500 words. A short story should also have a beginning, middle and end. Other than those guidelines feel free to experiment. There are many different types of short stories including event-plot, chekhovian, and mystic. It is also possible to add non-fiction into a fictional short story. One of the most important things one must know when writing a short story is voice. When writing the writer must have a voice and stick with it throughout the entire story. Be confident. Also know who whose point of view the story is being told through. A short story cannot change POVs because it creates confusion for the reader. It is possible to change POVs but not in a short story because it is short. Some techniques that you do well include tone. Throughout a lot of your stories you stay true to the tone. Some things that you might need to work on are things such as editing. Editing is one of the most important things to do when writing. It can seem tedious and boring but it ill make the story much better in the end. Some stories that you can read to help get an idea of what you like or don’t like in a short story are “The Lady with the Dog”, “Blind Date” and “Chlorine.” Here is a brief idea for a short story to help you get started: One day a man comes home and finds a baby giraffe in his front yard. He has no idea where it came from. All he finds is a note attached to the giraffe saying “Enjoy.” Unaware what to do next he brings the giraffe into his backyard. He goes inside and grabs a few carrots to feed his new guest. Use this to get started and have fun creating the ret of the story.

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