Waiting for the Weekend

The alarm went off at 6:30.  It was a loud buzzing.  James rolled over and turned it off.  He got up.  Showered, brushed his teeth, got dressed and ate some cereal.  James got in his 1998 Honda Accord and drove to work.  He ran into some traffic causing him to be about six minutes late.  After he parked James went into an office building to the third floor.  From there he walked to his cubicle to turn on his computer.  He started typing on his computer and made some phone calls.  He did this until lunch time.  He walked to the break room to eat his turkey sandwich with nothing on it.  After he finished he went back to his cubicle and continued the same mundane process until he was allowed to go home.  On his way home he stopped to pick up some Chinese food.  He ate it at home in front of his television.  When he was tired he went to bed.  This is a normal day for James.  He does this five days a week, although sometimes he might decide to pick up pasta or a hamburger instead of Chinese food.

For James the weekends were a little more interesting.  He would wake up a little later so he was well rested.  He usually didn’t have any big plans.  So when he was bored he would go outside and fly around.  He would fly all over the place.  Over the cities, over the suburbs, but his favorite place to fly was over the ocean.  He found it to be very peaceful.  Sometimes he would go to a tiny island and just relax on the beach.  He would be the only one on the island.  Sometimes he even spent the night there and wouldn’t fly back home until Sunday night because he had to go to work the next day.  This is the only thing that kept James going.  He hated his work and social life but he would always look forward to flying around on the weekends.  Nobody knew that James possessed this ability.  He was afraid what would happen if other people knew.  James does not want that kind of exposure.  He enjoyed keeping this to himself.  When James came back Sunday night he would watch a little TV and then go to sleep knowing full well that in several hours he would have to wake up and go to his boring job where nothing ever happened.

A couple of weeks later James got back from work on Friday night and went to bed rather early because he was excited to fly to his island the following day.  When he got up that morning he quickly got dressed and packed some food into his backpack.  Then he took off.  When he was a couple of miles away from his destination he noticed something strange.  James saw something floating in the water.  He has seen enough fish to know that this wasn’t one.  He flew a little closer and was stunned to see it was a woman.  At first it was difficult to tell because she was floating on her stomach.  James thought she was drowning or maybe even dead.  He went and picked her up and flew her to the island.  She was unconscious.  James started giving her CPR until she started to spit up water.  She was starting to come out of it.  James told her just to rest.  She fell asleep.  That night the woman woke up.  She was alone she thought.  She looked around wondering where she was and how she got here.  Then she saw James walking towards her.  “Hello” he said.  “Where am I” she responded.  “You are on an island about ten miles from the coast.”  “How did I get here?” she said.  James answered “Well I was on my way to this island and I saw you floating in the water.  I wasn’t sure what to do so I brought you here.  Do you remember what happened and why you were in the water?”  “No, I don’t.  The last thing I remember was falling.”  James asked “Were you on a fishing boat?”  “No” she said.  “Where is your boat?  Do you think we could go back soon?  I think I should be getting back.”  James wasn’t sure what to say.  “Umm, well actually I don’t have a boat.  I kind of got dropped off here.”  “Oh” she said.  James then said “Why don’t you just rest for the night and then I’ll go and call someone to bring you back to the mainland tomorrow morning.”  “Ok” she answered, “My name is Sarah.”  “James” he replied.  Soon they both fell asleep.

Early that next morning James got up around dawn because he had to fly back to the shore because he did not have his cell phone.  So he flew back and called the coast guard and told them the coordinates of the island so they could pick up Sarah.  He then flew back to the island to make sure she was still ok.  By this time the sun had completely risen.  When he was in sight of the island he saw Sarah standing at the edge of the water.  He wondered what she was doing.  Then he witnessed something he has never seen before.  She floated off the ground.  Twenty feet, forty feet, sixty feet, until she was as high as he was.  She must of thought he was on another side of the island.  He could not believe this.  They started approaching each other and that is when she spotted him.  They were both in shock.  There they were over a hundred feet in the air just staring at each other.  Different thoughts rushing through their heads unable to comprehend what was in front of them.  James broke the silence by asking “How are you feeling this morning?”  She answered with a smile, “Better.”

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