It Smells In Here

Tom locked the door.  He couldn’t hold it in anymore.  After working on building a new home for some family this was Tom’s highlight of his day.  He sat down and let himself go.  There wasn’t much to look around in this porto-potty but it didn’t stop him from examining it all.  He could touch the blue walls on either side of him with his elbows.  The toilet roll had only been half used to this point.  The sink was filled with brown stains.  It kind of looks like dried blood.  Tom didn’t think too much about it.  When he finally finished he used up the majority of the remaining toilet paper.  He got up and and washed his hands with the water downed soap.  He took one last sigh before leaving to go back to work.  He went to unlock the door but it remained lock.  Tom tried harder to but the lock would not budge.  He started banging on the door but still nothing.  Tom started screaming out but it was useless.  He knew he was too far away from the construction site for anyone to hear him.  Tom sat back down on the toilet because he thought there was no reason to keep standing.  He kicked at the door barely leaving a mark.

Thirty minutes later Tom was still sitting on the toilet.  There were a few more marks on the door.  He got up and went to the sink to drink some water.  It was incredibly hot.  The stench of the droppings were starting to get to Tom.  He nearly felt like throwing up.  Good thing he was already at a toilet.  The entire situation was so unbearable that Tom could only think of one thing to do.  Tom took his shirt off and leaned back on it against the wall behind the toilet and fell asleep.

Tom awoke but it was a few minute before he knew it because it was so dark in the room.  The only light came from the bottom of the door.  It did not help at all.  Tom was getting hungry.  It had been several hours since he ate breakfast and it was already past lunch time.  He wondered if any of the other crew members knew he has been gone for such a long time.  Tom was getting impatient.  He had to get out of here.  He was afraid that he might die in here.  He started banging and kicking at the door screaming as loud as he possibly can.  He didn’t know it but the room started to move.  It was getting worse.  That’s when Tom realized what was going on, earthquake.  The shaking was becoming increasingly violent.  Tom hoped that this would somehow cause the door to get unlocked, but it didn’t.  He started to stumble so he put his hands up against the wall to keep himself upright.  But then something happened.  Tom could feel that the room was starting to fall over.  He leaned towards the opposite side but it was too late.  The room couldn’t be stopped now, it was past the point of no return.  Tom closed his eyes and his mouth knowing what was coming next was not going to be pretty.

It was everywhere.  All over Tom’s body.  Some even got up his nose creating a very unpleasant smell.  Tom was not hungry anymore.  He tried to get up but slipped and fell on his face.  That’s when Tom could not hold it in anymore.  He felt the vomit coming up but did not know where to aim.  He could barely see anything and did not know where the toilet was, and besides there was no time left to look around.  So he just let it go in front of him.  He wiped his mouth with his arm forgetting that his arm was covered with blue feces getting some of it in his mouth. Tom was not having any fun.  Tom then did the only thing he could think of which was to try and roll the porto-potty back towards the construction site.  He used all of his might to push it over.  He kept doing and gaining momentum which made it a little easier.  All the while a combination of vomit and other various substances went flying around the room covering every square inch of the room.  Unknowingly, Tom came to a hill causing the speep to increase dramatically.  He kept banging his head.  Tom just hoped that he would not receive any open wound cuts.  When he came to the bottom of the hill something magical happened.  Part of the door broke open.  Enough for him to get through.  It was beautiful and he crawled through it.

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