What About the Dog?

“What about the dog?” she said. How can they forget about the dog. They planned everything perfectly leaving no traces of evidence, except they forgot about the dog. The girl briefly turned around and glanced the rest of the library room before turning back to him just to make sure that no one was watching them. “Is the dog going to be a big problem?” he said. “Of course” she replied, “The dog will start barking creating a lot of unwanted attention. Somebody might catch us.” “So what do you have in mind?” “Well, the way I see it the only choice that we have is to get rid of it” “Get rid of it? Is that totally necessary? There has to be some other way.” “Not if you want to go through with this” she declared. The man went to write something in his notebook, probably just to fool anyone that was looking at them.
The girl cleared her throat as she was getting ready to go over the plan again. “Ok, so lets go over this again just to make sure we know what we’re supposed to be doing.” “Alright.” “So when the family leaves we wait about an hour just to make sure that they are gone. Then we go around the back and use the spare key under the mat to open the door.” “And you’re sure the key is going to be there?” “Definitely, I even checked it a couple days ago. From there once we enter the house you run up and start packing the jewelry. That’s when I’ll go and take care of the dog.” “And how exactly are you going to do that?” he wondered. “It’ll be quick and painless, just don’t you worry about it. Once I finish with the dog I’ll go upstairs and meet you. Then we’ll-” she stops mid-sentence as someone walks by. They both look up at him hoping he isn’t on to them. They go back to pretending to study. She twirls her pencil and he turns the page of his book. They both look as the stranger heads toward the elevator then watch the doors close. The stranger is gone. They both don’t do anything as they continue to blend in. He coughs. She sneezes. “Bless you” he says. She replies “Thank you.”
They both look around and see that the only person left in the room is an unassuming man typing away on his laptop. “As I was saying,” she continues, “Once I meet you upstairs we’ll finish cleaning out the bedroom and then go to the kitchen where all of the dishes and silverware will be. After that then comes the really challenging part. That’s when we’ll-.” “Wait!” he interrupts. He tilts his head toward the man with the laptop. The girl looks closely at the man as he quickly peaks up at them. “Let’s go” she insisted as the two got up and left. The man on the laptop continues to type away until the two left the room. Once they did he closed his computer.

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