So here I am in Eng 204

So here I am wherever here is, and I am eager to learn how to write creatively.  I believe that learning to write well is one of the most important qualities one can learn.  Writing is useful in nearly all types of careers.  I have taken a few writing classes prior to this one and I have enjoyed them all very much.  I am even considering becoming an English minor.

I am a film studies major so I am interested in developing creative ideas.  I enjoy taking an idea for a film and making it better or coming with an original idea all on my own.  I have written several short scripts as well.  Many times I have trouble coming up with an original idea though.  This is where I hope this class comes in.  I hope this class will teach ways to spark an idea.  I hope to use some of the ideas that I come up with in this class for future films.

When I do write I prefer to write fiction, but I like to take aspects of real life and incorporate them into the story.  I look forward to writing the short stories.  Short stories are one of my favorite types of writing.  I do not have to focus on structure as much giving me the chance to focus solely on the story.  I still do not know what genre I am going to write about.  I am thinking about trying to write in several genres such as mystery, sport, and action.  I am also interested in writing comedy.  Many times when I begin writing a lot of comedic material comes out (at least I find it funny).  I think it depends on the story that I come up with will help determine the genre I will write into.

When I learned that we would be writing poetry along with the short stories I became a little nervous.  I do not have a lot of experience writing poetry besides a couple times during high school for a class assignment.  Even though I am not comfortable writing poetry I look forward to giving it a try.  It is a different kind of creative writing that I think will help my overall creativity.

Overall I am excited for this class.  It is a small group where everybody will be sharing their own personal ideas, which can be scary.  That is why I think everybody in this class will develop relationships with one another in order to create a safe environment to share their stories.  I believe this is the only way the class can work.  If we aren’t comfortable with each other we will be afraid to express our stories.  In closing I hope to learn a lot from this class and both in terms of writing ability an expressing my ideas out loud because I believe that is just as important.

I grown a lot as a writer to the point where I am willing to put my work out in the public to be critiqued by others. I still have a lot more to learn. But I can say that I am comfortable here.

(Photo by Matt Dworman)

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