blog post 15 final

So here I am. There is a lot of writing in here, and even though writing isn’t necessarily the most fun thing to do, I think the constant act of writing is the best tool to improve one’s writing ability, and I do think my writing has improved. I have never deeply thought about the self when writing. I knew about voice and trying to figure my writing voice, but self is something different. One way in which I learned about my self is through some of the exercises we did as a class, such as the immersion and the narrative. Instead of focusing on the story I learned that I was the primary focus of my writing. One thing that I would have like to do was after we learned about the self was to create another self, whether that be someone we know, a fictional character, or even an alternate version of our self. I especially enjoyed writing the narrative and the immersion. I also enjoyed doing the interview project, but I had trouble incorporating myself into that writing because the goal was to keep the reader focused on the person I was interviewing. One thing I wish I would have written more of is poetry because I think that is an interesting war to express self.

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Interview Project: Life of a Producer

Who doesn’t like to watch movies or television? Movies and T.V. are the ways in which we tell stories today. Certain films or shows can have such an impact on our society. But most of the time when we watch a show all we really care about is the show itself, whether find it worthy of taking the time to watch it or not. The fact is for all of the movies and shows that get made, there are a great deal that do not. We really don’t think about the process of getting a movie made. We know all the names of the actors and some of the directors, but what about everyone else? There are always a lot of people credited as producers, but what do they do?I set out to find more about these mysterious people and what their job entails. To do so I interviewed a producer to find more about their job and the work they behind the scenes.

More and more people want to get into the film industry, but it is becoming more and more difficult. Part of the reason is the amount of competition. One way people try to get into the industry is through film school. There are a growing number of applicants into film schools every year. An example of this can be seen using USC. In 2011 4,800 people applied to its film school to fill only 300 spots. But just the year before there were only 2,800 applicants (here). So basically there is a growing demand for film jobs but not enough to supply all of the demand. This means that the people who do breakthrough into the industry have to work extremely hard to get there, and even more so once they are in. It is such a time demanding job because there is a “what have you done for me lately” atmosphere. And if you don’t succeed than you are kicked to the curb because there are ten other people waiting in line for your job.

I interned at a production company called The Allegiance Theater last year. They are a small company that seek out scripts and novels and try to get the rights for them. They then work on the stories and try to sell them to studios. It is a fairly new company so they don’t have many films that have gotten made. I contacted the assistant and she told me about a new girl who was hired not long after I left. I told the assistant about this project and she gave me the contact information for this new producer. Her name is Carly Norris and she is not even thirty yet and already has a high level job at a production company. But I wanted to know more about her life as a producer. There are hundreds of producers, maybe even more. When you watch a movie there could be at least a dozen people that are given some type of producing credit, from executive producer, to co-producer, even co-executive producer. And then there are all the people involved who didn’t even get screen credit.

M: So why did you want to become a producer?
C: Well, I always loved movies. Early on in my life I wanted to be an actress, but I knew that wasn’t going to work out. One of my family’s friends was a producer so I knew a little bit about producing. It seemed like a cool thing to do and to be involved in making movies. So I started interning at some production companies and before I knew it I started making money at became a producer.

M: So you had to work yourself up?
C: Oh yeah. Like I said I started interning and from there I worked as an assistant for a little bit. Then I finally got hired to be in development and so on. I still consider myself to be working myself up to become more established and perhaps one day if I am lucky enough maybe have my own production company.

M: What is the hardest part about being a producer?
C: Umm, everything. Being a producer pretty much takes up your entire life. There is really no time off. You may have meetings all day about projects then when you go home you are still searching for new ideas either from scripts or books. It is never ending. And you may spend years trying to get an idea made but it just doesn’t happen, so it feels like you did all that work for nothing. And you may not even get paid until something gets bought. There is a lot of uncertainty in this profession.

M: Do you tend to focus on finding material that you really connect with or that you think you can sell.
C: I think it has to be a little bit of both. I’m not going to devote a chunk of my time and effort to work on something that I don’t care about. It makes my job much easier if I want to produce a project. However, I know I don’t live in a world where I get to make all the decisions. I don’t have enough money of my own to make a movie for millions of dollars. When deciding about a project I have to try and think how other people would react to the same project. If I know that it is too offbeat and won’t garner a large audience, unfortunately I may have to pass no matter how much I connect with the story. I must remember I have to try and make stories not just for me but for others as well, and that includes the public and heads of studios because they are the ones that make the decision. There is nobody, not even the biggest stars in the world who could make anything they want unless they are able to finance it themselves.

M: Has there ever been a project that you really loved but just weren’t able to do anything with?
C: There was one script that I came by which I really did love. I thought if I got the right director it really could be something special. I went everywhere I could hoping to get it green lit, but unfortunately no one did. But I don’t like to say that I quit. I still have it saved on my computer. I like to think that it was just the wrong time and maybe somewhere down the road I could try working at it.

M: Has there ever been a story you sold that you did not like that much.
C: Yes. There was this comedy script about a bunch of stupid frat boys. The only reason I got involved with it is because I knew someone who was interested in buying it. It wasn’t like it was the worst thing ever, but it definitely wasn’t very engaging. I’m not surprised that it hasn’t actually gotten made yet.

M: Have you thought of the line that you will not cross in order to make a living out of this career? For example, producing adult entertainment?
C: Ha. That is not a question that I was expecting. Well I never thought about going into the adult entertainment business but the answer is no. I would rather quit and work as a waitress than make porn movies.

M: Have you thought about quitting this profession?
C: I think every rational person thinks about getting out of this business every once in a while. It is a grueling industry and there are definitely times when it is not worth it. It is not just a career but it is a life. I’m sure if I don’t get to my goal I probably would have to sit down and think about my future and perhaps change my plans. But all you need is that one big break. That is what everyone is waiting for and that is what gives us hope each day.

M: So would you say living this life you’ve chosen is worth it?
C: I think it is to early to say that. Nobody wants to read bad scripts all day. Like I said before you just keep going to hopefully get to that day when you have some pull in this town and can make the projects you are passionate about. If I am lucky to get to that place one day than I do believe that everything I went through will have been worth it.

M: What is that goal you have in mind?
C: Well I suppose it is to be successful at producing. I don’t expect to be a multi-millionaire like Jerry Bruckheimer. I would like to be able to films that I am passionate about and have other people enjoy them as well. I don’t think there is a point in time when you say to yourself that you are successful because you are always worried about what is next. So maybe when I am old and retired and have earned a nice bit of money and can proudly way that I was a part of this so-and-so film, then I could think about the success that I have had. But I guess the longer I am able to support myself in being a producer the more successful I am.

So hopefully from now on you will be a little more aware of the producer’s life behind the camera. We tend to focus on the actors on screen and the director of a movie. But we never think about those producers. I am not saying that the producer has the most important job, but they certainly are an under appreciated one, especially in the eyes of the public. So perhaps from now on when we think about movies we like because certain actors are in it, maybe we could have similar feelings towards producers.

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Blog Post #9 final

Listening to the sounds worth listening to
Saying something when it is worth saying
Always grinding the gears
But taking the time to reflect
Creating different personas for different audiences
Strive to be reliable, with a sense of danger
Routine oriented, with room for the unknown
Honestly sarcastic
Determined and focused at the eleventh hour
Calm and collected except when I’m not

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Music Selection final

“Atom Heart Mother Suite” by Pink Floyd

This is one of the most incredible songs I have ever heard. It is an all instrumental song. The song has many different parts that you make you go through a wave of emotions during the 25 minute experience. It really is like a journey, just like reading or writing a story. There are some parts of the song that are truly inspirational and there are times when you might wonder what the hell is going on. Just like reading this blog. I highly recommend listening to this song either during this blog or some other time, you won’t regret it.

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Immersion Final Project

People always complain that they need to exercise more often, especially with it being an extremely important aspect of living a healthy life. But sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to exercise. What with work or school that takes up most of people’s times, than you had other commitments, exercise might be the last thing someone wants to do. There are many different recommendations for how much someone should exercise, but a common one is 30 min a day (here), which seems pretty easy to do, but there are many times when it can be difficult to accomplish, because it also takes time to get ready, commute to a gym or wherever you’re exercising, then get back home and freshen up. For my project I exercised every day, but not just for 30 min a day, but for 2 hours. I thought that if I could find the time to exercise for 2 hours, than most other people could find at least 30 min in their day. It wasn’t always easy to find 2 full hours, sometimes I had to break it up into two 1 hour sessions.

I started on a Sunday. Usually Sundays are my free days where I have the least going on, so I was able to work out for 2 hours straight. I went to the gym at my apartment and rode the bike for an hour. Then I lifted weights for the second hour. I mostly worked on my upper body, things such as arms, shoulders and chest. I felt fine afterwards thinking that this project shouldn’t be too difficult.

I woke up Monday and felt sore. I don’t exercise very often so when I do I usually feel a little sore the following day. But I still felt good enough to exercise. Monday I was definitely busier. I had a lot of classes spread out throughout the day. There was a block of free time in between one of my classes so I exercised at the school gym between two of my classes. There I ran on the tredmill for 45 min, than I got on the bike for 15 min. By then I had to go to class. At night after I got home I went back to my gym and used the weights to work on my legs for about a half an hour, for the last half hour I did some pull ups, push ups and sit ups. I was glad to be done after that.

I was even more sore on Tuesday. It was primarily from all the weights. Fortunately I got out of class early that day and I didn’t have work or anything that day, so I was able to go for a 2 hour bike ride. It also helped me feel less sore.

On Wednesday I wasn’t quite as sore as I was the day before. I felt like doing an exercise that was a little different. So I called up one of my friends and asked if he wanted to play some tennis, so I did that for 2 hours.

I was even less sore on Thursday. Thursday was another busy day for me. I knew I wasn’t even going to have much time to eat lunch. So I grabbed a protein bar and between two of my classes I went back to the school gym and ran on the olyptical for an hour and 15 min. I didn’t get back home until after midnight. I really felt like going to bed but I had some homework I needed to do and I still needed that other 45 min of exercise. So I slumped on to my gym and lifted weights primarily for my back, legs and arms. It was 1 a.m. by the time I finished.

Friday, home stretch. I really wasn’t that sore on this day, but I was pretty tired and didn’t feel like exercising that day, but I had to. Fortunately a couple of my friends asked me if I wanted to play basketball with them. I didn’t feel like it that much but I knew this would be a lot more fun than my traditional exercising. So I played with them for an hour which felt like 3. I was very tired afterwards but knew that I had work that night so I really wouldn’t have much more time to finish my 2 hours. So straight from the basketball courts I went on a jog for an hour. My legs felt like they were going to fall off when I finished, but I also thought to myself that I don’t know if I would have been able to do this just at the beginning of the week.

Finally, Saturday. My legs were a little sore, but not as much as I anticipated they would be. I didn’t have a lot going on during the day so I knew that is when I would do my exercising. I went on a bike ride for about an hour and a half. I got back to my apartment and decided to jump in the pool, which felt good. I then thought to myself that I should just finish my half hour here, so I swam laps for 30 min, which was the worst exercise of them all. But I felt good afterwards. Tired and sore and hungry, but good.

So by the end of the week I was rather surprised that I was able to complete my goal. Not only did my body hold up and I was able to stand up at the end, but my biggest concern was that I wasn’t going to be able to find the time to work out 2 hours a day. School takes up most of my time and especially around this time when I had a few papers and midterms I had to focus on, I also just started a new job, and to be honest I thoroughly enjoy just being lazy and watching TV or movies. But I know exercise is very important and I should continue to find the time to do more of it. Not necessarily 2 hours a day because that is a lot, but if I could do at least 30 min a day, I would be happy about that. That may sound difficult at first, but it shouldn’t be that hard to find 30 min each day. Even if I just want to watch a football game I could go to the gym and ride the bike for a little bit and watch the game there because there are TVs there. I talked with a couple of friends and asked if they work out on a regular basis. They both said not on a regular basis, one said she was too busy and the other said he was just lazy. I even asked a few people I saw at the gym and asked them the same question, they all said that no matter what they make time to go to the gym nearly every day. So in conclusion, if I am able to find the time to work out 2 hours a day, other people should be able to find at least a little time in their day to exercise as well. It doesn’t even have to be exercise either, it could be something like reading or writing a book or whatever it is, there is a way to create time in our days to do the important things, because it is worth it.

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Video Clip Final

I chose the video clip posted below because I am a big fan of the Marx Brothers. I have a pretty good sense of humor but I did not incorporate it into any of these postings, so I decided to add something that’s a little humorous to hopefully amuse the reader somewhat.

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Current Event final

Image manipulation has become a much debuted topic in recent years. Many magazines use photoshop to manipulate the image of a model in order to make her appear more beautiful, often times unrealistically beautiful because she almost seems too perfect. And these women are already beautiful, they don’t even need to be digitally altered. They may make the model more tan, skinnier, make her have more of a symmetric face, remove any blemishes, and make her skin look smoother. These are just some of the things that the photo editors do. There are times when the photo of the model looks nothing like how the model really looks. I think some editing on a photo is acceptable. If there is one element that is very distracting than I think it’s ok to edit that part. That is why a lot of lighting is used when taking photos and I think that is acceptable. But there is definitely a line where it can be too much editing. I think we have definitely crossed that line. The problem is that where that line is is subjective. Some people think that no photo should be edited, while others think that it is perfectly fine to edit a photo as much as possible. Unfortunately many of these people are the ones who work at the magazine and are the ones to decide whether to manipulate a photo and how much. There are some cases that are both scary and funny at the same time when there are major and obvious alterations. Some of these include making a woman extremely skinny. There have also been times when a person’s arm was completely removed or switched with someone else’s. This kind of manipulation mostly happens for women and not so much for men. But many of these manipulations occur on magazines that are meant for women and many women buy them. Some of these magazines are People, OK!, and Glamour. If women are really against this kind of manipulation than they should have their voice heard either by speaking up or a more effective method would be to stop buying the magazine. Although there definitely are some photoshops that are done with men in mind as the reader. I think most men don’t think that much about the photo manipulation and that is a big problem in itself. Men should find this degrading also. They should support realistic images of women. Either way this photo manipulation needs to change because it is morally wrong.

Source: here

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